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What are your EDC Tools?

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Sell me on a better pocket EDC knife than the Victorinox Minichamp


I won't sell!

My very basic EDC

Simple foldable tool from aliexpress $10 (Leatherman Wingman is my favourite, lost it, to expensive currently to buy again)
Gift notes book given from supplier + Pentel P205 0.5mm
Lumintop AA (I like to have my gear with clips held to my pocket, easy to reach)
Pilot 0.7mm simple click PEN ($2 pen or so).
My daily Galaxy Classic 6

Backpack and wallet not show, but I try to carry as little as possible

I try to make it as hard as possible for myself, to fix anything  :palm:  without the proper tool, carrying mostly junk - however I did once buy a sort of multi-tool penknife, for next to nothing, from either a D.I.Y. store or an early discount bargain basement shop.



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