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What ever happened to (aka Information Unlimited)?

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This was a site that sold all kinds of cool high voltage equipment and components, for reasonable prices. While I never bought anything from them yet, I kept their site bookmarked in case I ever did decide to buy anything from them. Well about a month ago I checked and the whole site is down, and it's been down every time after that I checked. There never was any post on their site that they were having business trouble or any other indication their site would shut down soon. Just one day it was down, and never came back online. I checked their FB page (, and it seems one of the founders of the company had recently passed away. However the date on the post mentioning the guy's death was from a month before the site went down. That seems strange that it was that far apart, but I can only assume that guy's death somehow related to the site shutting down. Was he the guy who paid the bills for the DNS server for the website's domain name ( Does anybody here have more inside info on the situation, maybe a member of this forum who personally knows the guys who ran that site, and can provide more info on what is going on with that website? I really hope this is just a temporary situation, and that they aren't going to close the whole company and website because of that one guy's death.

I think it was a bit of a hobby business, the guy liked scientists & education. Not sure if its the most viable thing without him.


--- Quote from: coppercone2 on August 31, 2023, 12:40:38 am ---I think it was a bit of a hobby business, the guy liked scientists & education. Not sure if its the most viable thing without him.

--- End quote ---

They had all kinds of stuff though. What will they do with their excess inventory? They need to sell it off somehow. I thought he may have been one of the founders, but I thought there was an entire team of employees there running the company, including product engineers who always came up with ideas for new products. Also they were able to get all kinds of components that would be very rare outside of the high voltage industry, like capacitors and resistors designed to operate at tens of kilovolts. I figured they must have had some sort of business arrangement with a manufacturer of these components (which would normally have been sold only to manufacturers of high voltage devices), so they could buy these rare components from the manufacturer of said components, and then sell them to the hobbyist market (rather than the normal device manufacturer market).

Alex Eisenhut:
Were they advertising in electronics magazines in the 1980s? I was really intrigued by all those ads back then. Tesla coils! Simulated lasers!

I remember that the amazing1 ads in the back of Popular Science (early 2000's when I was a young kid) were some of my favorite parts of the magazine. Its actually really the only thing I remember from those magazines...

Some of the stuff they sold seemed a bit kooky, but I was happy to finally buy a spun aluminium toroid topload from them a few years back for my tesla coil. Much better than the two taped together metal salad bowls I was using before that!

If they are truly gone, sad to see them go. Arduino and all that seem to be effective getting people into EECS, but it does seem a bit bland in comparison.


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