Author Topic: What is better T12 vs C210 for laptop repair?  (Read 995 times)

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What is better T12 vs C210 for laptop repair?
« on: February 22, 2024, 03:43:08 am »
Hi guys,

What is better for laptop repair?
Let me formulate: Price/performance/reliability.

I am tend to like reviews for KSGER T12 2.1, but some ppl say that is like the old stuff now and C210 is far better now.
I saw KSGER 180W with 210/245 tips are they too big for fine work?
What about T12 for fine work?

What would you recommend for daily repair?
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Re: What is better T12 vs C210 for laptop repair?
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2024, 11:30:49 pm »
C210 is better for fine work.

You haven't specified what sizes you are talking about, T245 probably down to 0603 is best, smaller C210 probably better.
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Re: What is better T12 vs C210 for laptop repair?
« Reply #2 on: February 27, 2024, 02:58:20 am »
T12 in my opinion feels more like C245 , tip is not as close or as thin as C210 .

C210 for small to smallest , C115 for smallest booth great but not really as standard handpiece.
For nearly everything possible  without microscope I use C245 - way more power. At microscope I use mostly C210 at low magnification. Have only a T115 clone and one JBC C115 point tip - use it rarely.

C245 =  ~5mm diameter & ~55mm tip to fingers  , C210= only ~2.5mm⌀ & ~35mm tip to fingers

JBC Tips:  check pricing / shapes (JBC Homepage…)   C245= ~25-30$ for most common shapes , biggest range , many special tips .  C210&115= ~40$ and  fewer shapes. JBC tips have one of the best heat transfers but at cost of lifetime and very expensive…
Thin tips live even shorter , ( i use dry soft fabric without force for cleaning & a bit lower temp..).
T12: no competition at heat transfer… at price not too.

JBC Clones &T12 :
T12: Has way more shapes as JBC clones , really a lot  , more stable quality after finding  manufacturers . Way cheaper (not really but most similar priced JBC clones are trash). Thought it’s easier to produce them cheap.
JBC CLONES: even the best (+12$) JBC clones  I tested need  20-50% longer to heat a area. (Pace & most others need longer too, close pricing to pace tips at +12$ , but pace.. offers way longer lifespan for that lower heat transfer - clones not ).
Saw only 3  C115 shapes: 0.1 tip /bendt tip/ knife ,  for C210 additionally different chisels, mini wave, two horsetoe …. For C245 way more , even few special shapes but some priced too close to JBC ones. All clones with very unstable lifetime , few glow red after some uses , few stop working , others just have not the best plating for long lifetime.
The cheaper clones 3-6$ are often shaped horrible,  even with burr….Even more unstable life expectations.

No idea about Ksger , but some other stations for JBC tips  with Smps instead of  Trafo have noise at solder tip.

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