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What is better T12 vs C210 for laptop repair?


Hi guys,

What is better for laptop repair?
Let me formulate: Price/performance/reliability.

I am tend to like reviews for KSGER T12 2.1, but some ppl say that is like the old stuff now and C210 is far better now.
I saw KSGER 180W with 210/245 tips are they too big for fine work?
What about T12 for fine work?

What would you recommend for daily repair?

C210 is better for fine work.

You haven't specified what sizes you are talking about, T245 probably down to 0603 is best, smaller C210 probably better.

T12 in my opinion feels more like C245 , tip is not as close or as thin as C210 .

C210 for small to smallest , C115 for smallest booth great but not really as standard handpiece.
For nearly everything possible  without microscope I use C245 - way more power. At microscope I use mostly C210 at low magnification. Have only a T115 clone and one JBC C115 point tip - use it rarely.

C245 =  ~5mm diameter & ~55mm tip to fingers  , C210= only ~2.5mm⌀ & ~35mm tip to fingers

JBC Tips:  check pricing / shapes (JBC Homepage…)   C245= ~25-30$ for most common shapes , biggest range , many special tips .  C210&115= ~40$ and  fewer shapes. JBC tips have one of the best heat transfers but at cost of lifetime and very expensive…
Thin tips live even shorter , ( i use dry soft fabric without force for cleaning & a bit lower temp..).
T12: no competition at heat transfer… at price not too.

JBC Clones &T12 :
T12: Has way more shapes as JBC clones , really a lot  , more stable quality after finding  manufacturers . Way cheaper (not really but most similar priced JBC clones are trash). Thought it’s easier to produce them cheap.
JBC CLONES: even the best (+12$) JBC clones  I tested need  20-50% longer to heat a area. (Pace & most others need longer too, close pricing to pace tips at +12$ , but pace.. offers way longer lifespan for that lower heat transfer - clones not ).
Saw only 3  C115 shapes: 0.1 tip /bendt tip/ knife ,  for C210 additionally different chisels, mini wave, two horsetoe …. For C245 way more , even few special shapes but some priced too close to JBC ones. All clones with very unstable lifetime , few glow red after some uses , few stop working , others just have not the best plating for long lifetime.
The cheaper clones 3-6$ are often shaped horrible,  even with burr….Even more unstable life expectations.

No idea about Ksger , but some other stations for JBC tips  with Smps instead of  Trafo have noise at solder tip.


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