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What makes a quiet air compressor quiet?

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Here you will find an excerpt of the Jun-Air compressors technical manual with component lists and exploded views.
Maybe it can be of some help on how they did to reduce compressor noise.
Video showing the internals of such compressors: another league compared to traditional compressors:

noise comparison:

Those compressors are probably pretty quiet but their price reflects that and more. I think they're mostly marketed towards dental and medical offices where they need reliable quiet clean air supplies and price isn't this so much of an issue. You could probably buy 5 or 10 poor quality compressors that would cost less than one Jun compressor of a similar capacity.

They're just modified refrigeration compressors, you could build one yourself without great difficulty. The tradeoff is they are much smaller capacity than a typical shop compressor.

Any compressor can be made quiet, by using an acoustic cover over it!


--- Quote from: unknownparticle on March 27, 2023, 05:08:50 pm ---Any compressor can be made quiet, by using an acoustic cover over it!

--- End quote ---
The is still a relatively tricky part as compressors produce quite a lot of waste heat. In a first approximation this is as much as the electricity taken from the grid - possibly even a little more.
An acoustic cover for the relatively low frequencies that can still pass enough air to get rid of the heat is quite challenging.


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