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What makes a quiet air compressor quiet?

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screw type.

Is only you could 3D print such items  :-DD
add some Electroplating
spin it up  :popcorn:

Practically speaking for small quiet shop type compressors, as far as I know you're pretty much looking for Jun Air (buy used) or belt drive. You can slow down the belt drive compressors to a point to quiet them further with a smaller motor pulley, but you need a minimum RPM for proper splash lubrication, and enough belt wrap on the motor pulley to actually transmit power, some stock ones I've seen are about as small as you can get already.

The automotive guys I know will typically put the main one in a closet, little enclosure outside the building (bad idea with close neighbors), shed, garage attic, basement, etc. Just separating yourself from the thing with a wall or two helps a lot, running an air line is pretty cheap.

Old Printer:
I don’t know the technical reasons behind a “quiet” small compressor, but we use them at work for the air injection system on our lasers. For years we have used cheap pancake compressors made for nail guns, they make enough noise to wake the dead, but are cheap. Ours are inside the work space and create a level of noise that prohibits conversation when running. We recently bought one of the Mikita Quiet series units that are about three time what we paid for the HomeDepot basic Porter Cable ones. The difference in noise level is astounding, you can stand next to it in a small room and easily talk over it. Just amazingly quiet, like at first you wonder if it is working right until you see the gauges ramp up. I have studied air gun silencers/moderators a bit and suspect a similar approach is used for the compressors, plus the expected vibration dampeners etc..


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