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i was looking at deal extream today and i saw this full view 100mhz 2,gps sounds great, my question is what am i missing this is only $440 there must be something im missing or els this thing is the deal of the year.

If you find anything similar in Europe let me know.  ;D  LOL

Nop I do not get exited, the Rigol 50Mhz, cost locally 300 EUR.

The brand on the link its totally unknown.
Do you love experiments ? if yes get it.

Silgent are the same as Atten.

The price isn't anything special, the same 'scope can be bought off ebay for less.

It only comes with a Chinese manual so does that mean the menus are all in Chinese?

i was reading the specs on the manufactures site and its actually 1gps not 2


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