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Where can I find gel flux?

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I'd like a source of a bottle flux that I could best describe as a gel. I've seen videos of people using it, but cannot find it. I bought a flux pen, but I'd practically have to press hard enough to crack a PCB to get anything out of it, and then trying to find the gel flux, wound up buying water thin stuff. This is pricey stuff and I'd like to not guess any further.

Gel fluxes generally don't come in bottles as their consistency doesn't permit easy pouring.  If there was no label on it in the videos, the user may have loaded a squeeze bottle from a bulk tub.

Most major component distributors will stock various brands of tacky flux gel in syringes (but check its with a nozzle and plunger for manual application).

Fluxes thin out when heat is applied (to wick) so but every flux syringe I have ever bought has a thickness close to honey (thicker than cream, more runny than toothpaste) at room temperature (have to warm it up from cold storage).

mariush: has a bunch of fluxes , liquids and gels :    and just gels :

Not sure how many can be shipped by air to US, but some should be.
You can get "tubs" of 100 ml gel and suck it in syringes as needed, for example :
Or you can get individual syringes, but they're a bit more expensive

SDG Electronics has reviewed some of these and they're good.

I actually use this liquid flux,  in 50 ml bottles :
It's good but liquid, good amount of rosin, doesn't require cleaning but leaves some residue (which can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, acetone, other flux removers)
It's also available in bigger bottles, like half a liter for example :

and there's even a version without halides (less strong) in 1 liter bottles :

Louis Rossmann sells individual 30ml syringes of his favourite: Amtech NC-559-V2-TF Tacky Flux.

Its not the best deal if your order can meet a major distributors' free shipping threshold, or if you have a reputable local stockist, but if you are in CONUS, will at least guarantee you wont receive fake grease from China!

N.B. As of Jan 2023, He's in the middle of a move to Texas, so you may have to wait a bit for him to ship.


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