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Which 3M static shielded bag

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Looking for static shielded bags for 3.5" HDDs. I'd prefer 3M and resealable, has anyone got a part number that fits well? Experiences?


If you want responses, provide some “meaty” question to respond to. The only thing you mention is “for 3.5” HDD, resealable, ideally 3M”. You don’t mention any other requirements, nor the reason you’re unable to select one yourself. What’s holding you up?

It doesn't need to exceed the specifications of the original disposable type bags, just something that will last well and not made of chinesium. 3M seems to make good products, the resealable looks a good idea but I'm unsure which one is a good fit. I don't want a lot of excess bag.

I have no idea if there are purpose form bags or not. I'm looking for experiences.

in my experience a 5"x10" bag can hold a 3.5" HDD just fine


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