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Which bench light would you recommend?

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David Hess:
I risked buying this Chinesium LANCOSC which is like half sized for the corner of my workbench where I have limited space and it has worked out really well.  LANCOSC has some full sized models also.

The lamp is adjustable for brightness and color temperature and runs off of USB, but it comes with an AC to USB adapter.  Besides the normal, I use it now to take close up pictures using my macro lens camera through the magnifying lens, but even with a ring light, it still needs better diffusion as you can see below, but I still get better results than with lower light.

I like the IKEA kitchen cabinet lights:

VAXMYRA spot lights and the IRSTA work well


--- Quote ---Im not a big fan of a light fixture in your face either
--- End quote ---
put a bit of hardboard on  the edge of the shelf to keep the light out your eyes.

I used to have 2x 1,2m fluorescent lights hanging above my bench but have upgraded to one commercial strip light with 1,5m length and 50W power. The kind of light that is used in shops and warehouses. Now everytime I power up the workbench the sun rises. I love it.

It is not exactly cheap but very good quality.


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