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Which bench light would you recommend?

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Does anyone have any recommendations for a good, heavy duty LED bench light? It does not have to have a Magnifier lens on it although it would be a plus. Oh yea, the type of light that clamps on to the bench and can be moved around for soldering etc. The brighter the better and HD, i only like to buy once, quality. Under $150 would be nice as well.

What worked well for me is a led ribbon glued under the shelf that is over my bench (in an angle, so that it points to the open area of the bench). Even light everywhere, no hard shadows. And one or two relatively small movable lights on a flexible arm, for when I want more on light one spot. Never been a fan of one of those "huge lens with a ring light" things, It always gets in my way and tends to distort the image. But I maybe never used the good ones.

There is no silver bullet

I have over a half dozen ones

Ring lens indirect direct usb spots and ballasts......

And head ones and rings...

Each one comes in place


I can second the LED stripes. I used a 40x900mm aluminium profile (flat), which holds 2 LED stripes. The profile serves as heat sink, and I mounted it in front of one of the shelfes that are on my bench.

Led strips, good idea. Im not a big fan of a light fixture in your face either. Im just trying to get the best option on quality lighting for the new work bench.


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