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Which budget T12 soldering ststion?

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I'm looking for Your recomendations.
KSGER, OSS, Kailiwei... Or nevermind?

There is also QUICKO  which fits nicely...

They have affordable TIPs and the hardware is
pretty much as good as the others..


There is a megathread on this forum on a custom firmware that is available for these stations:

Here is a recent post in that thread asking about current recommendations:

One point that seems to come up a lot is the type of handle that you get. It may be possible to buy separate handle that is compatible with your station.

The later Quecoo versions (956, 958, 959) seem to have improved internals that address the case grounding, trace covering, tip grounding, and various issues raised about other iterations of T12 stations. I have a 959 (the latest version with an updated display) arriving in January. Someone reported that the default firmware on 959 doesn't let you save calibration profiles; I'll have to check that myself.

Is this cheap enough for a T12 station that come with 2 tips and 2 stands for 20 clams?


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