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Which hot air soldering station should I choose?

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Hello, I wanna buy a hot air station and now I’m stuck between two models, the RF4 RF-H2 and QUICK 857DW+
Which one should I choose?

I don't have either, so no recommendation.
However, I can point you to a review of each.
The short hose comming out the side of the RF4 RF-H2 might be awkward on the workbench.
It looks like the QUICK 857DW+ has been replaced with the Quick 957DW+.



  Quick 957DW+

RF4 if your budget is low, as its $90. Quick 957 might be more in Poland.
One has digital buttons and presets, one has analog dials. One is more compact on the bench.

Up to you which you prefer.

The RF4 RF-H2 is also twice the power rating of the QUICK 857DW+/957DW+/859D+

The 859D+ seems to have a lovely interface and the tube is exiting the front but at only 580 W...

What about Mechanic 957DW?
It seems to be an improved Quick 957DW+ copy:

600W vs 580W power
500°C vs 450°C max temp
100-120L/min vs 50L/min air flow.


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