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Which old analog Tek scope? 2225, 2236, 2465A/B, or?

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Hello all!

I'm planning on buying an analog oscilloscope. I already have an Agilent MSO-X 2014A, great scope, but sometimes I feel like/need using a good old analog scope. And for looking at signals in XY (e.g. vector graphics), nothing beats an analog scope.

The Tektronix scopes that I currently find most interesting are:

2225: Seems small and simple to repair as there are no cursors or other option. 500uV/div can come handy.
- Difficult to find in Japan, only one found so far. It has some problems with noise from power supply and controls.

2236: Seems like a cool scope, with DMM and counter.
- Also difficult to find. On the one I found the DMM seems to work but no information on the scope function itself..

2465A/B: State of the art! High bandwidth. As someone in another thread said, probably the best analog scope ever made.
- There are plenty, today there are 5 on sale. Here I have two options
I: Buy a refurbished one with free repair warranty, with GPIB and Counter options, and one probe. Cost is about $600.
II: Buy 3~4 for totally $100 and make one that's working. (probably the most fun option but as I'm living in Japan, space for gear is very limited.. and the wife might get upset by all that "junk")

Anyone have any advise on these scopes? I would like to know where I can get the service manuals and spare parts.


I guess it all depends on how much you are willing to spend.
The 2645 is of course the ducks guts, if you don't mind spending the money, and have the bench space, go for it.
There are other brands to consider as well, but I'm not sure what is popular in Japan?


I like Teks but seeing you are in Japan,why not look at an Iwatsu analog from around the mid 1980s.
We had one of these, (can't remember the model number) at the TV Transmitter site where I worked,& it was excellent,definitely up to Tektronix/HP standards.


Here in Japan Tek is quite popular. I have seen quite many Iwatsu as well (they still make analog scopes, having one going up to 1GHz using a CCD displaying the CRT trace on a LCD!)

If going for an old scope it's important to know I can repair it. So service manual and spare parts (or many of intended model available to use as spares), and forum/groups on internet are important. And I'm little behind in my Japanese studies( :-[ )so English information is a must.

Currently I think I will try to find a 2236. 2465 is probably too big for my "bench" anyway. And I'll keep an eye out for other scopes as well.


Actually old Jap's analog scope from 80s or early 90s are known to be high quality made and very reliable, and their crt tube are the best built in the world at that era, almost unbeatable by their competitors outside Japan.

If I were you, I'd hunt down for old Jap's scope there rather than Tek's scope.


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