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Which Pace Desk Station for the SX-90 Sodr-X-Tractor?



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Does anyone know which desktop power supplies will work with a Pace SX-90 Sodr-X-Tractor handpiece. It has a black plug, not the newer blue plug.

The black plug means it's a Sensatemp model right?

I can't find much technical info on the SX-90.

Pace has made quite a few MBT desktop units over the years, all to different specifications. Finding a unit with Sensatemp is easy as it's printed on the unit. Matching the wattage * voltage is proving more difficult. The pace website is all about part numbers and marketing.

Not after the latest thing, just a desktop unit that will power the handpiece and provide vacuum.

All the latest desk stations from Pace seem to use the blue connector, so I take it that means I'm looking for a used station.

If anyone has a SX-90 or SX-100 handpiece (Black plug) then I'd be grateful if you would measure the heater resistance. The 90/100 share the same heater.

Connector pin out below:

The same heater is on blue pug models, but I can't find the pinout for the heater.

I know the SX-70 and SX-80 heaters are listed as 8 to 10 Ohms, from repair manuals.

If the SX-90/100 resistance is the same, then it will work with older MBT units.

Many Thanks.

Black plugs are Sensatemp. So they will run on any vacuum Sensatemp station or on Intelliheat stations with a gender bender cable, part 6993-0278.

Read this post by Tooki it has some additional info.


Here are some of the stations I quickly looked up, some are external vacuum so google the manual and double check if it suits what you need.

Pace MBT201, MBT250, PPS400/PRC2000, PPS85, PPS75, PPS17.

Pace MBT301, MBT350, ST65, ST 75, ST 115.

Thanks for the info Shock.

Pace finally got back to me. The heater resistance of the SX-100 is 8 to 9 Ohms when cold. This information isn't published anywhere.

Looking at the service manuals for current and previous Pace units, the heater resistance is almost identical (give or take) to SX models going back to the early 90's (SX-70).

The heater voltage is the same across all MBT and ST units going back to the same period as well (21 VAC), so that means the latest sensatemp hand pieces should work in some of the earliest desktop units.

Incidentally, that makes the heater around 50W on these solder suckers. The physical design has changed over the years (sx-70/80/90/100), but the electrical spec hasn't , presumably to remain compatible with older desktop units. I would have thought they'd have upped the heater wattage on later units, but Pace obviously don't feel the need to.


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