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I am still shopping for a replacement soldering iron.
This one is shiny and is less than 40 clams.

I am wondering who made this.  Yihua?  I am concerned about I cannot find the replacement handle, tips, or any spare part.

Looks like Sealody.  Or Yihua.  Looks like a bargain.

just an usual 936 hakko handle, 900m tips

Found it.

The unit is $40.
They want another $40 for just the handle.
Some reviews say none of the replacement tips fits the handle.  (maybe fake reviews).

I don't find any shiny one like this from Yihua.  But Yihua only wants around $20 for the replacement handle.  Much cheaper.

So, this Sealody SSA60 is a throw-away item.

I found who made it.

It is a Bakon BK60.  There is no info though.

Do they make their own?  or do they buy from the others?
Are parts interchangeable from the other brands?


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