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why did my anti-static mat bubble up like this?

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Occasionally, I will pick up everything and try to flatten it, but it's just a fact that the edge closer to me is "longer" than the rest, and has gotten wavy.

What's that about?

Looks like either oils from the hands interacting with it somehow. Or just the mechanical stress from the hands.

Maybe there's no hope for this mat, then, and I should just get a new one and maybe put some kind f wrist guard down in front of the keyboard.

Mine did that too. I lifted it up and sprayed a light coat of Krylon Crystal Clear on the table top, let it dry a couple of seconds, then dropped the mat down while it was still sticky. After making sure it was flattened out good with no bubbles I stacked several piles of books on top. Gave it a couple of days to dry and it's been fine ever since. Years now with no bubbles. It would probably be better to use some kind of spray adhesive, but I didn't have any so I experimented.

What is the make and model, so we could avoid it, or with some fixes make it better.

Is it OK for dropping some solder on? is it easy to cut, if your xacto blade slips? would screws poking out of a chassis puncture it?


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