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Why does Wicked Lasers refuse to sell to the US?

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I think I read somewhere that they say their product is illegal in the US, but to the best of my knowledge there's nothing illegal about their high powered lasers. Their lasers like the Arctic S3 already have all the safety features legally needed required for such lasers. They have a safety interlock, and while they are handheld devices, they are not being marketed as laser pointers. There's nothing illegal about a handheld high powered laser. There's nothing in the US law that states that a laser above a certain power limit must be physically large so as to prevent it from being held in a person's hand. The US law regarding lasers simply says that a laser above a certain power level cannot legally be marketed as a "laser pointer". The real legal issues would occur as a result of how the end users actually used the lasers (like if they pointed them at other people or vehicles), but the manufacturer isn't legally responsible for how their customers use their products, as they have no way to actually make customers use the lasers in a safe manner. All they can do is post warnings on their site about the dangers of such high powered lasers, and yes there are quite a few warnings on their website about their lasers.

I don't see any way that their product would inherently be in violation of US law, so I see no legitimate reason for them to refuse to sell to US customers, yet that is exactly what they do. They do refuse to sell to US customers. I hope maybe a company employee/representative from Wicked Lasers is in these forums, and can answer this simple question. Why does your company refuse to sell your high powered lasers to US customers?

Stray Electron:

--- Quote from: Ben321 on May 20, 2022, 07:12:21 am ---I think I read somewhere that ....

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  I don't know, why don't you contact THEM and ask?

Probably an insurance/liability thing - idiot buys laser, someone gets hurt, then the lawyers descend.


--- Quote ---If a laser over 5 mW is called a “pointer” or is sold for pointing purposes, the person doing the illegal action is the manufacturer or seller. If the consumer (end user) has a mislabeled or non-compliant laser, it is legal for them to possess it. We are unaware of any cases where a non-compliant consumer laser has been taken from its owner simply for being mislabeled or because it did not have the safety features of its class.
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They do call them "pointers", so would it be legal if they just didn't refer to them as pointers? no idea.

Because people in the USA can't stop shining lasers at passenger airplanes. Google it if you don't believe me


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