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Why is this meter so expensive?


I came across this meter and I'm wondering why it's so expensive it's 3 times the price of mine and as i can see it it isn't any better in fact in some respects its worse, And its not like a fluke who has the brand to bring up the price.

It supposed to came with a NIST calibration certificate, and this add about 100$ in the final price.

Nothing surprising speaking about the look of it or about extra functions.  :) 

ya that's probably why

It is clearly an industrial electricians meter, not an electronics meter.  For instance, it has low-Z voltage measurement.  I don't know if it is actually a reasonable buy for anyone, but evaluating it based on things like resolution and accuracy is definitely going to come up short.

The same DMM without NIST on Amazon is $132. Big difference, but Grainger is always way higher than any place else.


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