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Weller WRS3000 - Want to test pump control


Does anyone know the other Pin paired with pin 6 for turning on the air/vacuum?

I picked up a WRS3000 base and iron reasonably, but I'm considering purchasing a desoldering setup. As I'd never used the air/vacuum side, I took the pump out and directly tested it. That works great.
I understand that pin 6 is for the wand switch to turn on the pump, but I need clarification on what it should be shorted to when closed. There may be a resistor between pin 6 and its partner inside the wand when the switch is open and near zero ohm for close.

If anyone wants to know, PIN 1 to PIN 6 or blue to violet serve two purposes.
When an appropriate wand/handle is connected, a 44-45k ohm resistor will be across these two, signaling that the wand is 80 Watts.
Upon pressing the switch, the circuit is completed, initiating the activation of the air/vacuum pump.


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