Author Topic: xgecu t56 programmer. 48pin nand k9hag08u1m verify errors?  (Read 125 times)

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xgecu t56 programmer. 48pin nand k9hag08u1m verify errors?
« on: January 15, 2021, 03:35:34 pm »
Does anyone have one of these? I am using it to program nand storage 48pin tsop, and when reading, it goes fine but the verifying process always fails, not completely though. The log goes fine until about 57% of verification then at around block 4000 it will scroll: block#4102 verify error bytes 3
block# 4112 verify error bytes 290
block# 4114 verify error bytes 362 and it goes by multipes of 2s until block#6082
the highest number in the error bytes position is 3734 does this mean that many bytes failed to verify in that block?
The chip works in the device it came from and some other chips with the same serial number k9ha seem to read fine and sometimes have no errors, but when I program them the same verify errors at different positions when verifying. Should I just ignore these?

I notice that he has ecc turned off could that cause errors or do you want it to be off when copying data so the data doesnt get ruined? basically I am trying to copy this nand and migrate it to another and obviously the data has to be the same or it wont work.


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