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Title: Xytronic Hot Tweezers (TWZ80)
Post by: Charkel on October 30, 2016, 03:18:55 pm
There is a deal right now here in Sweden where I can get the Xytronic LF-1680 80W for a little under  (900 SEK)
Xytronic LF-1680 info: ( (Manufacurer site)

I've already seen reviews on the soldering iron/station and it seems good. But what about the tweezers model TWZ80?
Picture of tweezers: (

The tips look so strange compared to other brands. Hot tweezers I've seen used by people on youtube for example has the standard chisel or cone tips.
Only available tips for the Xytronic are theese and they are 15-20 bux a pop (

Anyone know how the TWZ80 Xytronic tweezers stack up to other brands?

I noticed there are another model called TWZ120 that is no longer present on their website. But those tweezers have the normal tips.
Picture: (

Will the TWZ80 do?