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YH-853D reviews? Opinions?


Hi guys.

I intend to buy for myself better soldering station (my current one is the cheapest soldering iron inside the dimming socket ;) ). And I came across this one

here is another link:

I could not find any reviews so I'm wondering if anybody here came across this device and what is thinking about it.

I'm tempted because I would have use for power supply, my bench space is limited and at this country I don't have proper supply (at my home country I have 2). So this device is hot air as well. I have one, but again very cheap alternative, this one would be more sophisticated by miles. So I would upgrade all thins what I have here with one device.

The device is called YH-853D (Yihua 853D) and it would be 193 euro delivered to Ireland for 3Amps power supply version (on the links is the 1Amp version I think).

On one side I feel I could do better, but usually I'm often limited to what is available for me in Ireland. But still it looks like nice device and even if I would buy cheaper station and I had to buy power supply extra I would pay to much for shipping so perhaps this device is the cheapest variant from long term view point. As far I know, perhaps I'm wrong and this device is just garbage, just no reviews find out.

So should I buy it, or not?

Thanks Anton.

This is different device, but I find it quite funny, not even English, but everything. I present this video exclusive for YOU!  :D


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