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Youyue 858D+ some reverse engineering + custom firmware

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Hi, recently i bought the KSD858DP  from amazon and the desssssssssssssssssiptions said 220/110v
 but the back of the unit has a label  "input 110v~ power 700w"
should i plug to 220v? or it will blow

Hey guys,

any news for the KSD858DP Rev B with HR7P169BFGTF ?

greetings from germany

Is yours 220?

yes 220.

i see sunkmail already mapped out all connections. will it somehow be possible to use custom firmware on this board ?

--- Quote from: sunkmail on January 03, 2021, 01:03:24 am ---Hi Again,

I managed to trace out all the controller connections.
      (I didn't bother with the PS components.)

It appears that the EastSoft uC, HR7P169BFGTF Chip does have ISP pins brought out the the pin header, J1.

From what I can see on @DGM 's  compatibility chart, this chip hasn't been fully traced out before, so I'm guessing there isn't a compatible version of the custom firmware yet.

I don't think replacing the controller is going to be as easy as a daughterboard going into a DIP socket....
     Does anyone have experience programming these devices?
     How hard would it be to port the custom code?


--- End quote ---

I just picked up a Yaogong 858D, mostly 'cos the ad showed the back of the board and I saw a DIP-20 micro.  Nope!  Bogus pic, it's got the 858D.PCB 2018.05.02 board in it.  On the plus side, it has a fused IEC connector, and it looks pretty clean at the power entry.  Some sloppy workmanship that I'd be embarrassed to have done, but I kinda expected that.  It passes a basic safety inspection.

I've been reading this thread on and off but haven't seen if anyone did an open-source bare board with an AVR micro that I can order.  I figured the folks here can't possibly do worse than the Chinese.  I googled Oshpark and only got a hit on the adapter boards, except for something from a person named Maker(something).  I didn't look that one up.  ;)  Same story on EasyEDA, same newbie.  I don't see anything here except this thread for mods.


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