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Youyue 858D+ some reverse engineering + custom firmware

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I still haven't worked out what the micro on the HYQ8588D marked board is, but I have finally gotten around to tracing out and drawing up the board.

All capacitors with a " ? " in the value field are unknown (presumed to be 100nF) as I'm too lazy to remove one and measure it.
There might be a mistake or two, but it's overall accurate.

I did remove the micro and noted that the underside has " 18CNAZOB e3" printed on it, but that naturally returns zero hits on google.
Any advice on identifying it would be highly appreciated.


--- Quote from: necessaryevil on November 10, 2020, 04:00:39 pm ---I have found that cheap spare pcb's are available. Ideal for a mod, it's always possible to go back. I don't know which versions of the boards are sold, maybe anyone knows?:

I bought this hot air station and this this spare board. I'm now waiting for delivery.

//edit 2
I received the 858D. I opened it up to check out the wiring, also,  I needed to replace the UK plug for an European one. I could only find one issue: the tab of the TIP122 transistor wasn't properly soldered down to the pcb, so I fixed that. It seems that I got a good clone. It uses smd parts and it even has isolation slots. Also, the software is updated.  The display now shows the actual temperature.

--- End quote ---

I also have this "858DT.PCM" from 2020-06 in my unit. I am a little bit worried that the PCB itself is not grounded despite that 220V AC is going to the PCB. Is there any reasonable and safe way to also ground the PCB? Where should I attach a wire? Thank you very much for your help.

Best regards,

Hi guys! I'm professional electronics but not much in coding. So if you'd be kind, someone to CHANGE THE SKETCH for COMMON CATHODE DISPLAY, it would be very nice and helpful to me. I'm using Atmega328P. I have dozen of those displays common cathode, so I would not like to buy another one specially for this

Hi Mareus. The power supply should be grounded to 'minus' point somewhere. Should be grounded the wand too, inside should be a wire attached to the metal part of the wand

Hy, guys!

I bought from Aliexpress a 858D digital PCB board for my heat gun control panel. (220v Digital display desoldering circuit IC pull  Heat gun control panel 858d circuit PCB board temperature control board

The board I received is different fron the one in the Aliexpress a ounce pictures.

I don't know what is the use of the F/C Sw from the left corner. Do you know it's use? Please help me!

Many thanks!


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