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Youyue 858D+ some reverse engineering + custom firmware

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--- Quote from: greezlee on June 13, 2021, 09:48:39 am ---
I don't know what is the use of the F/C Sw from the left corner. Do you know it's use? Please help me!

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Just a guess -  Set display to Celsius or Fahrenheit ?


--- Quote from: Miti on January 16, 2021, 09:47:52 pm ---Recently I bought an almost brand new Yihua 858D on Kijiji ...
If I make an adapter from S3F94C4EZZ to Mega328P, could you help with the SW changes?

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--- Quote from: ride_bmx_mhell on June 01, 2019, 11:06:55 am ---i bought yihua858d recently,i want t try custom firmware to this unit but it has different layout and components.

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I have the same hot air station as yours. Did you manage to convert it to use a microcontroller from ATMEL? Thnx

P.S. Or maybe you managed to find a circuit diagram for this revision (YH858D_V14)?

I decided to take the first steps: adapted the original 1.46 firmware, drew a diagram and spread the board taking into account the peculiarities of YH858D_V14 (for example, I had to make a hole in the board for an electrolytic capacitor).
The circuitry of this revision of the board is very similar to this but not completely (more info here and here)!

* Version 1.0 full Altium 21 project: here
* Gerber files of adapter board: here
* Gerber files of FAN speed MOD board: here
* Firmware (updated at september 12, 2021) with enabled LED heater indication, FAN speed MOD and FAN purge MOD (not calibrated, with source): here
* Brief connection instructions with FAN purge MOD circuit diagram: here :bullshit: Because the circuit diagram of the FAN speed MOD completely repeats that of the madworm, then the mod should be configured according to its instructions. I'm writing code in Microchip Studio with installed plugin Visual Micro and program with AVRISP mkII with this MOD (fuses here).

You can quickly and inexpensively order these boards v.1.0 here:

Because in the process of assembling and adjusting this solution, I identified some shortcomings (bugs), namely:

* The pins of the potentiometers on the FAN speed MOD board are reversed (be careful when wiring potentiometers to the board);
* FAN purge MOD is made by surface mounting;
* There is no standard TTL wire connection point PB1 for FAN purge MOD;
* There are no external pull-up resistors at the reed switch input in the stand and buttons too (in version 1.0, you have to bypass the internal pull-up resistor, which is not very good).Then I developed the next version 1.1 of the solution, you can download full Altium 21 project: here (and here if you don't have Altium). Attention! This version was not tested by me in hardware. I am quite satisfied with version 1.0, but maybe it will be useful to someone. Version 1.1 uses the same firmware as version 1.0.

P.S. I express my deepest gratitude to the respected @madworm and @Miti, because without their developments, everything would have become much more complicated.
P.P.S. I apologize for the comments in the code in Russian, but this is my native language.


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