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ZM-R6200 Vs. WDS-620 BGA Rework Station: Which To Keep?


So i just got a decent deal on a used pair of chinese BGA rework stations locally (paid 1.8K), with the plan to keep one and sell the other. Im yet to power either up, but i assume them both working. The ZM (ZH?)-R6200 has a partially torn down head (see pics, i have those shroud pieces), which i also saw with louis Rossman's machine, so perhaps there is a common failure point there? I also believe (at least according to rosman) that there is an issue with the ZM only having a setting for remove chip, not place? My use case is mostly for new prototype assembly, not really on repairs.

Looking at the physical machines and specs, both seem to have comparable specs and different pros and cons to the build of these (one uses belt, the other rack pinion, WDS uses HDMI display, ZM uses older rca style). Both seem to be very similar machines, supposedly made by seperate companies.

My big question would be if any owners or operators of these machines have any input on this decision, whether that be user interface, common failure points, quality of alignment, things to look out for, etc? Very little information is available out there (apart from demo videos), and i am a complete noob to BGA soldering (never done it before). Thanks.

Hello bro . I didn’t use Zm 6200 but I own Wds 620 it’s rework all Bga chips like a charme my opinion it to keep Wds 620

i use zm r6200 first generation, probably now its 10 years old. never have any issues with it. apart temperature sensors.(witch i think is normal) I use it often to put new chips like processors with leedfree, and no issues at all. i always clean it regularly. and that's it.

the main think what i like is consistent how it works, it always keeps temp where it should, and repeatedly always same.

most time consuming think on there is setup perfect profile. and then forget it :) put chip align it and press start.

setup as well easy, and have some special software points where it shows your thermo couple how long it been and in witch temp stage. so easy to mod it and save.

i usually put 2-3 temp sensors around, and one main under bga package in the middle, or drill hole from other side put sensor in, and glue it. then spend 1-2 days to adjust profile. (it depends on pcb, how much layer how much components and so on). simple pcb works just on default profile.

I ended up keeping the wds620. Of the two it seemed smaller and in better condition. Thanks to everyone who commented their experiences!


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