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[ADC] LTC2208 Price ?


Hi Folks,

I was looking for fast ADC and I found LTC2208(16-Bit, 130Msps ADC) to be a perfect match for my requirements.

Its price on Mouser or DigiKey exceeds $90. I found it on Aliexpress for $15.

any explanation for this huge price difference ?
did anyone try the Aliexpress chip and find it working as expected?

it can be genuine chips but from long storage with incorrect conditions (temperature, humidity, for example with corrosion signs and can be problematic for soldering), also it can be factory reject, or just a fake chips.  Who knows.

If they sell genuine chips with bad storage conditions it don't means that it will be bad, its random, such chips just is not allowed to use for factory manufacture, so they selling it.

I think your arguments make sense !

I will try to avoid them.


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