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120 or 125 ohm coax

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--- Quote from: mag_therm on April 23, 2024, 03:07:09 pm ---Plumbing tubes and pipes have standard dimensions, with 3 grades of wall thickness
Engineering ToolBox:  "CTS-CopperTube Sizes"   "NPS-Nominal Pipe Size"

--- End quote ---

My biggest issue is the inability to bend the thicker pipes. It was kind of OK to bend the thinner "refrigeration" copper pipes, but those thicker ones - I have no idea how to do that without special equipment.

Next option might be: run regular coax all the way through, then put an LC network at the tip of the arm, of equivalent Zo and electrical length (Fo).  Equivalent (calculated) values should be close enough that VSWR is okay, but this does of course get dangerously close to "eh just put a matching network on it" and then you need a VNA (well, some manner of NA) to be sure.


Bending, packed with sand,  you might need a oxy-acet #1 tip or oxy propane torch to re- anneal during the 180 degree bend. Need dull red near 700C.
But why not use the thinnest possible tube?

Use the HP Appcad freeware  and design your own with standard size tubing and some oddball dielectrics or spacers ?



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