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2.4ghz transciever chip with rssi and i and q out maybe?


I read an old 2007 artical in elektor about a 2.4ghz ism spectrum analyzer. It was very simple using a spi connection to poll the rssi from a cypress wusb6935 break out board from cypress. Theze boards are obselete now and cheap on ebay 10 bucks for 2. I would like to use there idea but with a chip that is obtainable easily to make a handheld version using a psoc5 and 5 inch tft touch. Can anyone recomend a 2.4ghz tranciever or less reciver chip that can get rssi signals and maybe output i and q to an adc. This isnt just for wifi but bt btle and nordic so it cant be locked to wifi. Also a breakoutboard would be awesome!


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