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464 MHz Power amplifiers



Please help me identify the power connector. See photos attached. I can't find any datasheets on this amplifier. Can someone perhaps point me to the datasheets please. This company seems to be out of business for a long time.

I have no RF experience. I would like to ask colleagues at work in our RF lab to test these amplifiers.

What would be the equipment needed to test these amplifiers?

Will it be a lot of work to test 3 such amplifiers?

Paul Price:
If you have access to the RF lab at work, why aren't you asking them to help you with your questions???

The power connector looks like a XLR connector but with more pins than used for audio.

Yep. Definitely looks like an XLR connector. If no datasheets for it can be found, you get to open one up and reverse engineer the pinout.
In addition to power there might be some diagnostics like reflected power or temperature.

To test them you need to figure out the pinout and possible keying.
Then a signal generator with enough power to drive the amp, a power meter to measure the output power and likely some attenuators to protect the power meter.
If your employer has an RF lab, go ask the engineers there if they have equipment suitable for testing them.
But don't expect them to know the power pinout or other DC details like that.


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