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Re: NanoVNA Custom Software
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Thanks for the posts.   

With help from member rf-messkopf I finished my Open and Short SMA and N standards.  I had borrowed various standards that I used to characterize mine using Mario's Octave scripts.   In my last few posts, you can see where I do a comparison between my NanoVNA and my latest boat anchor, using these metrology grade standards.

Someone had asked me about doing a review for the V2.  I still plan to buy one at some point but most likely would make some sort of comparison video.   When I made the videos for the Nano, I was trying to focus on what it can be used for, rather than it's shortcomings.  I would like to stay with that theme with the V2, but compare it with the Nano and my old HP network analyzers.   Again, just showing some practical measurements.   After many years of pondering buying another VNA, my flock has grown with the addition of a third relic (the catalyst for making improved standards).     

Using the Nano to characterize quartz crystals for home made filters:
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How electrically robust is your meter??

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