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ADF4360-0 cannot lock

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I am very lazy and start by entering my constraints into ADISim.  ADISim should prevent you from violating any of the component's constraints.   This software will create a schematic with component values along with how to program the device.  I also program the devices with an FPGA.   I've not had any problems with these parts.     

They used to offer evaluation boards.  You could modify one of these and make sure it meets your performance before committing to layout.  Remove the FPGA and layout from the problem. 

Not very helpful but here you can see the eval board with a -4.  I show the simulator as well.

For verifying your design, start with ADISim.

Thank you very much. Now the LOCKDETECT test on my board is passed and the output is high, but there is still no signal output. There is a new program document below, some register parameters have been changed, and my simpll design, my circuit design and evaluation The version seems to be only a few decoupling capacitors different, will it cause a big impact?

I would start with just the 2X 50ohm pullups and make sure the outputs toggle.   Do you have equipment that can look at it? 

My version of ADIsim is from 2005 and it looks like I need to register.  What version of the tools are you using?

I used SIMPLL v5.40, which was recently downloaded from the ADI official website. When I changed to a classic circuit, the output waveform was still the same, but I found that the VTUNE pin voltage reached about 2.7V, which is abnormal.

Haha ;D, it has been solved. It turns out that the measuring instrument is not good. The measurement is very accurate after using the broadband receiver. But there is still a problem, how can I see the noise and frequency offset it produces. But thank you very much for your explanation,   :)谢谢


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