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Antenna engineer interview questions

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As many others have said, designing antennas is part art, part science, and usually requires quite a bit of experience and equipment to do properly.  I wouldn't expect many new grads to have much of either.

What I would expect of a new grad interested in an antenna design position are things like:

- How to use / read a Smith chart
- How to make basic antenna measurements using a VNA
- Familiarity with some kind of modeling tool
- Some experience with matching / tuning networks
- Knowledge of basic antenna types and concepts (dipole, Yagi, LP, relationship between beamwidth, bandwidth, phasing of multiple antennas, effect of environment on antennas)
- Basic antenna construction / prototyping techniques
- Ideally, a genuine interest in antenna design (i.e. someone who plays with antennas as a hobby, not just in classes / labs)

what you can do with a meter of rg58 cable ;)

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