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Antenna engineer interview questions

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What technical questions would you ask when interviewing a recent graduate for an antenna engineering position?

what alien race has the best looking ones?

What is the difference between antenna and antennae.

Neomys Sapiens:
Now that is a position where I would be very loath to consider a recent graduate, as antenna engineering needs experience. The one thing that could help is if he/she were one of the few Hams (radio amateurs) that are really experimenting with antennas. Ask for design experience resulting in real builds, not mere EZNEC simulations. And ask for knowledge about materials engineering, as this will determine what happens to your antennas in real installations.

I'd ask you some dB ratio puzzlers.

I'd ask you about the minimum VSWR
of a 75 Ohm coax in a 50 Ohm system if other
Elements are ideal.

S parameters.



KIPS / Forces in relation to tower bases and guys.

Ground planes, lightning protection. Regs, tower lighting.

Harmonic mixing and IM products.

S.O.L.T.  including lots of questions on what an
Open is , during VNA calibration.

I'd guage your ability to prototype.

I'd give you a rather comprehensive Navy guide
on HF and mid band antennas and their layout,  give you a pen, paper, and calculator, a task using the book and one paid hour to give me a layout and specs for a given desired tx/rx site in a network.


Not that it counts for much. But do you have any licenses?  That would be a direct question, as well as do you have a PE in the state you are working in.

Any serious mechanical hobbies or shop skills?

Then I would ask you about antennas.



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