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Antenna In Hoa communities

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I live in a deed restricted community. Dosent the fcc have rule that says that hams can erect an antenna in these communities. Also I would want a pretty big one so yea. I would just like some clarifaction on that rule

Sincerly Daniel

No, there is no such rule.  The FAA does not supersede the contract you signed.  That is, unless you can show the contact violates generally accepted rules of conduct and/or law.


Make sure and support H.R. 1301.


I've met many many HOA board members, how to say, Mmmmmm, better not.   :--

Ok i will read it thanks

In the US, FCC PRB-1 covers restrictive local and state ordinances.  It briefly mentions deed restrictions, with regret.  One thing the restrictions can't restrict is small sat TV dishes, those  do have some sort of legal coverage after multiple lawsuits, because they are commercial service.


I don't have a deed covenant, but I have the lawsuit happy neighbor from Hell, who calls the Sheriff at every opportunity.  To the point the Sheriff's office is so annoyed about all her 911 calls that they finally threatened to charge her..  I'm told by neighbors that she even  called Home land about my activities and the gear, toolkit,  and repair parts  in my car... 

I strongly suggest looking into low observable antennas such flagpoles, loops,  near vertical incidence skywave antennas, etc... There is a book out there some place on low observable /hidden antennas for Hams, and its worth a read...

My antennas are in the attic, and at HF there is near zero loss, and at two meters, its barely measureable with a tar paper and shingle roof. But I got  clobbered when we have heavy snows on 2 meters.  That lead the two meter antenna to be a discrete  stick on the back of the brick chimney that looks strangely like a lightning arrester.. Its not viewable from the street, but its there...     At two meters, I also played around with quarter and half wave sticks on phasing cables in the attic, for patterns...  Loops work within reason on HF..

Dielectric materials do not clobber you too bad, but you may need an antenna analyzer for tune up.

Since most people have cable TV these days, and broadcast TV is spread spectrum, there is a lower susceptibility to RFI at your neighbors, in some ways, but conversely because of laptops everywhere, you have a higher background to cope with when you have compromised antennas...

You can consider certain digital modes, because they have "process gain" at the receive end.

One good thing about Hamdom, there are some remotely operable rigs out there if you have decent internet. Set up by guys in your position. The FCC has pretty open rules about remote controlled rigs, too...

I've met a few guys who have their rigs at work, and live with the slight digitizing delay to run via internet control.  Although that really screws up CW.
Other guys get creative, the combo hummingbird feeder/loading coil is one of my favorites...


Google keywords:  Hidden, Stealth, Apartment,  Low Observable, NVIS, HAM Antenna

And your hobby is now highly classified..  No one in the new  hood gets to know your a Ham.. No one sees your handheld ever, until your outside the gate, and the ham radio car  license plate just went away.  The people who run for those boards are usually bullies, control freaks, and very nosey women with a Jezebel Spirit. (Look that one up in the Bible, it explains a lot!)



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