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[SOLVED] Australian Ham radio lic Standard and Advanced reference books?

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Australian Ham radio lic Standard and Advanced reference books?

Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my Aussie ham lic to advanced but the usual theory texts available seem overtly simplified and at times very hard to follow even if you know most of it anyway.

Has anyone got a theory reference and/or text books dedicated to both standard and advanced grades?

eg works by William I. Orr
Radio Handbook 23rd Edition
All About Vhf (Very High Frequency) Amateur Radio
All about Cubical Quad Antennas
New! Beam Antenna Handbook
Radio Amateur Antenna Handbook
The W6Sai Hf Antenna Handbook
Simple, Low-Cost Wire Antennas for Radio Amateurs
Radio Handbook 21st Edition
Better shortwave reception for: shortwave listeners, CB operators, radio…
Simple Low Cost Wire Antennae
Beam antenna handbook
Radio Handbook: Fifteenth 15th Edition 15ED
All About Vertical Antennas
The Truth About CB Antennas
Vertical Antennas
VHF (very high frequency) handbook
Radio Handbook 19ED
Radio Handbook 22st Edition
Radio Handbook 20ED
CQ new mobile handbook
The Radio Handbook, Eighteenth Edition
The Radio Handbook Sixteenth Edition
The Radio Handbook : Fourteenth Edition 1956
Radio amateurs' mobile handbook
Novice and technician handbook
Surplus Radio Conversion Manual Volume III
Radio Handbook 17th Edition
Wire Antennas for Radio Amateurs
Radio Handbook: Twenty Second Edition
Radio Handbook Twenty-Second Edition (22nd) W6SAI
The Radio Handbook Sixteenth Edition

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El Rubio:
Not sure about the Australian license exams, but in the USA, each license class consists of something like 50 questions pulled from a pool of something like 300 questions.

Some prospective hams never learn the theory behind the questions, but just learn the questions. Questions and answers are always exactly the same. If it’s a multiple choice and answer is C, then the answer to that question is always C.

There are online practice tests that are helpful. You take a few online tests and soon figure out where you need to study.

So, maybe there are similar practice tests in Australia. I suspect if the girl in the pic needed help studying for the exam, there would be lots of volunteers. That’s from Last Man Standing? Funny show, and showcased ham radio positively on a few episodes.

Wallace Gasiewicz:

On the bottom under syllabus

They also have a list of amateur clubs,perhaps choose one near you and email them.

There's two main Australian-written texts people use. Both have almost identical names.

1. Ron Bertrand's Radio Theory Handbook.

My review here:

This is backed by the Radio & Electronics School and a free course. https://res.net.au/

2. Fred Swainston's Radio Theory Handbook. 

More expensive and seems to be harder to get.

Author contact here: https://www.qrz.com/db/VK3DAC

As you've possibly found, neither the WIA Foundation Manual nor my own Australian Ham Radio Handbook are either too basic or just concentrate on the operating side to be really useful here.

Wallace Gasiewicz:


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