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Best option to measure phase noise

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--- Quote from: mehdi on October 25, 2023, 06:01:28 pm ---
--- Quote ---and one on different ways to measure phase noise.
--- End quote ---
Yes, it provides 3 methods:
* PLL-based phase detector
* Delay line discriminator
* Resonant discriminator

However, they are discussed very briefly, and with too much theory.
There is also a book called "RF & uWave Measurements" by "Shiv Prasad Tripathy", again very briefly (2 pages) touching this subject,

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I disagree about it being too much theory. Without general/generic theory, specific practices would only be cargo-cult engineering.

Of course the practice is also necessary, and manufacturers provide application notes about the practice of using their equipment.

A number of us built this system and it far exceeded expectations: http://www.aholme.co.uk/PhaseNoise/Main.htm

Total cost with references, splitters, filters,  and power supplies was less than 2k.



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