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binding post to BNC impedance analyzer test fixture?

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Dear Cu: fine questions, I cannot help....
I Suggest you  pose this question with pix at

 That forum has  HP afficiandos and ex HP retirees. They can help....mention the analyzer (4195A?) and test fix #s.
As I have  4195A and   different fixtures, I cannot assist.

In practical transformer deveopment to 500 MHz,  inductance >> 1 nH
 Our C meas. is down to to 0.3 pF.

Bon chance,


lol that is the email box killer website

Hopefully someone here measured the skirt ground on the 4191A. :-DD

I am guessing its because if there is a part, it will be high up pinned against the center post, so the whole inductance will be factored in, and when the angle piece is wedged against it, its near the base, bypassing the majority of the expected inductance.

Like it might be 2-3 mm off the ground, but the shorted fixture might be making contact 0.1mm off the ground. Unrealistic conditions for most parts save maybe <0201

Cu:" lol that is the email box killer website" (Groups.io)

have sued many forums in Groups.io for years no issues with spam etc.

Like any forum or site (incl EEVblog) one must tweak comm parameters as the defaults often have a lot of useless nagsa sent via email.

Easy also to hide your real email adr.

Found many great connections and deals on groups.io


I wonder if there is a neon element that I can plug in that would function at 40VDC to measure impedance of it


--- Quote from: jonpaul on September 27, 2023, 05:43:27 am ---Cu: AHA! Now understand you points better. Please reread  my edited last response   link.

1/ The BP and SMD adapters indeed have only a SC   included.

2/ CoilCraft has done extensive work in exactly this area with the same test sets and fiztures.
See their excellent notes on standards for CAL.

3/ Our 4195A is speced to 500 MHz max and no work can be abouve that freq.

Other similar like 4395A may go higher.

4/ The test fixtures for impedance have transformers, bias nets and other components that are limirted in freq.

41952A is 100 kHz..500 MHz only.


PS: Excellent Coilcraft app notes may have some relivance to your issues on calibration:


--- End quote ---

What is the limiting element on the spring clip test fixture? I took it apart, there is just gold plated things.

Also, I got a HP balun thing, for measuring differential impedance. I see there is alot of options available for higher frequencies. I guess it might answer those burning questions I had about twisted pairs though. I just can't sleep at night thinking about whats going on when you twist some wire together. How could anyone given all the shenanigans around wire insulation properties and how neat your twist is.  :scared:


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