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binding post to BNC impedance analyzer test fixture?

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got the transformer. I tried a twisted pair of 18 gauge banana alligator clip cables that I loosely twisted.

Short circuit was 8.4 ohms, open circuit was 412 ohms. I believe its (OCR*SCR)^(1/2)

I got 58.8 ohms @ 1MHz

Is this right? why the hell do I need to know the impedance of a twisted pair anyway?! :scared: . What the hell am I going to do with this information?

But actually, how do I do this right? The balanced impedance is 100ohm, the unbalanced impedance is 50 ohm.

I am guessing I do the OSL calibration with 100 ohm instead of 50 ohms on the load?

When I measure 100 ohms, it reads as about 50. So my cable impedance is like 58.8*2, or 117.6 . Maybe I will go through seeing how calibration changes things when I construct a good 100 ohm load. who else is super excited about cable impedance?


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