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Can UA741 op-amp do impedance matching for 75-Ohm coaxial cable?

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I am wondering if I can use some common op-amps that I have around to be used for impedance matching.
The transmitter is 75-Ohms and receiver is also 75-Ohms.

I need impedance matching because I would like to use an 100-Ohm CAT5e ethernet cable to transfer the signal between the 75-Ohm transmitter and receiver.

Here are some Op-Amps that I have:

I read that Op-Amp impedance matching can do the job but not sure if this is true.
Also would like to know if there are any circuit diagrams or tutorials on how to build such circuit.

The transmitter analog signal is a CCTV HD camera and the receiver converts converts analog signal to digital HDMI.

Here is some info about the analog signal (I am using HD-CVI):

Thanks for any advice.

The impedance matching is in the resistors, not really the opamp.

But that's besides the point, old standard definition TV still needs 6MHz bandwidth, and 741 is slow as molasses

Probably want to run the part over CAT5 as differential, too, which is a little more complicated.

see, eg


Thanks for your reply.

Will check the link you provided.

I know many people in the CCTV industry uses some kind of passive video balun to do impedance matching for using LAN cables instead of coaxial cables:

Wondering how I can make one myself so I can order some ferrite toroids, but theres tons of them and do not know which toroid are the correct one to use for this application.

I'm no good with magnetics, but if the things in the link really are $2.xx a pair... you can't get parts for that kind of money, just buy them.

That is true, price is already low enough.

But I would like to design a custom PCB which has this functionality for another project.


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