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Carlson Wireless I-WLL teardown


I wasn't sure which section of the forum to post this in, but since it uses 2.4 GHz, I'll post it here.

Months ago, I acquired two weatherproof boxes with mast mounting hardware. I thought they might be of some use, so I set them aside. Just a few days ago, I opened one up and realized that these boxes weren't empty.

I'm not sure how to do in-line pictures, so I'll attach them at the end and list a brief description here.

1 - The nice weatherproof box and mounting hardware.
2 - View of the inside, after taking off the cover, we see the antenna (circuit boards mounted behind).
3 - With the antenna/circuit board sandwich flipped down (I already removed the screws holding it to the hinges)

More in the next post.

4 - View of the circuit board sandwich, showing the top circuit board.
5 - A side view of the sandwich.
6 - The other side view of the sandwich.

Still more below.

7 - With the top circuit board removed.
8 - Closeup of the bottom circuit board.

I did find some information at this site: https://fccid.io/OPA-I-WLL-T

It seems that this FXO unit and the matching FXS unit that I also have were used to extend up to two phone lines wirelessly. The FXS unit looks idential to this one. I suspect only the firmware is different.

There is an Atmel uC and what looks like a JTAG on the top board. I also see an AM79C02 Dual Subscriber Line Audio Processing Circuit and a Xilink Spartan. The bottom board looks to be just some power supply circuitry and mostly some phone line interface stuff. According to the docs, the internal antenna is rated 14 dB.

I see that Carlson Wireless also sold/sell similar units for wireless Ethernet. I'd guess that there is some similarity between products. The interesting thing is that they used a standard PCMCIA wireless card on these. I wonder which other cards are supported.

Very interesting looking devices. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them. I don't need them and have too many projects already to fool with these things.


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