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CB and Ham Radio Techs Love Their Bird Wattmeters

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--- Quote from: xrunner on March 21, 2023, 09:11:10 pm ---Yea may be vintage.

But wait ... I see a Coaxial Dynamics slug in that thing. Isn't that considered blasphemy?  :-DD

--- End quote ---

Nope! They are totally compatible, so it is done regularly.
I wonder which is the "clone"?

Meters and meters.
When i started to build rf amplifiers i used several different brand instruments because all was showing different results.

But after i bought digital oscilloscope i made 10:1 sample att to 50ohm ant line.

Today i can make 100% accurate measurements.

Just check voltage and go to

You will get Average power.


--- Quote from: pienari on May 16, 2023, 08:27:52 pm ---
Today i can make 100% accurate measurements.

--- End quote ---

Really?   ::)

You're such a doubter.    :-DD

Was speaking with a local ham a few days ago about his effort to calibrate a Daiwa cross-needle power/SWR meter. If you don't already know, this type of meter reads forward and reflected power and SWR. By observing where the needles cross, and the markings behind this crossing point on the faceplate, you can read the SWR (approximately).

I said I have one also - a CN-103 (his was a different model) and I'd calibrated it before. We got to talking and he wondered if they could be "converted" to a digital read-out. I said I didn't see why not, but it sounds interesting and I'd think about it as a project.

So I'm thinking about it. I got the schematic and I want to make some measurements of the voltage range that the meter movement is receiving from the detected RF in this Daiwa design. I don't think I'll even need to be worried about the range switch - that is in there because they are using mechanical meter movements.

Also, if I do it, I'd want it to be 100% accurate too.  :-DD


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