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CB and Ham Radio Techs Love Their Bird Wattmeters

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--- Quote from: bd139 on September 13, 2023, 07:07:03 am ---There's an 11kV feed to a substation in the base of the building with buried cables. When you walk past it on a  rainy day you can hear some quiet crackling.

--- End quote ---

Crackling coming from an 11 kV underground feed? Nothing can go wrong ...  :-DD

--- Quote ---Oh also don't get me started on DMR and such stuff. Yes, just use WhatsApp or something. At least that works and has humans on the other end of it  :-DD

--- End quote ---

Yea and a few of the hams get excited when they claim "Hey I worked Alaska last night on DMR talking with our friend who moved there!"

How exciting.  :palm:

Seriously, I told him if he wanted to talk or just say a simple "hello!" - just call me or text me.  :-+

I inserted the heat-set brass fittings into the Due mounting plate, and mounted the board with four M3 screws. So far so good on that part. Brass threaded inserts are the way to go.

The brass fittings were installed on the bottom plate - 4 x M4 to hold the directional coupler, and 3 x M3 to hold the top plate (microcontroller). Next I am going to install all the components and see how it all fits together.  :-+

Tight case fit on the sides. When connecting cable with crimped SMA on output of log amps it extends a little too far on both sides. I'm talking about the output of the log amps, a DC voltage which does not require an SMA (RF grade) connector. I will remove them from both log amps and just use some RG-174 to send the signals (FWD and REV level indication) to the processor board. The parts I made were going together well though, so will get that pic out soon.

Looks like your board is also a bit off centered like mine was.   


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