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CB and Ham Radio Techs Love Their Bird Wattmeters

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Started to try my hand at making up some semi-rigid with SMAs. I had a small tubing cutter I used for modelling that seemed about right for cutting the coax. It worked really well. So far so good ...

You will need to test these after you make some up.  While I would check them with a depth gauge, I understand this is unpopular with hams, much like torque wrenches.  So here is W8JI to the rescue to show you how to properly test them.   

Well ... I don't have the measurement rig that you have. However, I did obtain the SMA male dimensions shown in the attached files (https://www.rfconnector.com/rf-connector-dimensions)

I can measure the depth "E", which can be Min=2.54, Max=3.43 (mm)

The center pin can protrude according to dimension "H", Min=1.91, Max=2.54 (mm)

Note: The center pins that came with my SMA males have a sharp point not a blunt point like the picture.

Thus, "E" can be a minimum of 2.54 mm, and "H" can be a Max of 2.54 mm. Therefore, to wit, the end of the pin can align exactly with the edge of the SMA Male and it would satisfy the dimension tolerances.


Analog Dial indicators. I love them. I have dozens in all manner with a myriad of mounts. A great late 1800's technology that I've been using for decades. Get you some!


--- Quote from: joeqsmith on September 27, 2023, 03:16:10 pm ---Let's see what the hammer damners say.

This one claims there is no measurable difference:

--- End quote ---

Read the SECOND part, don't stop at the front door



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