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CB and Ham Radio Techs Love Their Bird Wattmeters

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I had seen their part II but stopped at the TDR.   Guessing their VNA wasn't up to the task to resolve the 25 ohm like myself and others have shown.  Then again, when it comes to TDR, that is one topic I hear a lot from hams about.  The best was how you could reduce the number of samples to a very small number to achieve higher resolution.  Sad thing is there are countless papers available for free on the internet written by the major players.  Just requires reading. 

let aside the "ham" stuff, Davide worked for several years for


that said, how much will that "discrepancy" affect you project ?

Keysight employs janitors and people taking care of the plants.   I would be more curious what they actually did as a profession.  Even then, humans like to embellish. Pick any discipline and there are bad, medium and good people.   Better to base my comments on their published works.

My current project is sub 25kHz using screw terminals and phono jacks.

well you may ask him if you want


I've never had a linkedin account or any desire to network.  No twitter, facebook, or the countless others.    Outside of my tiny presence on YT and EEVBlog, that's about it.   

Appears he made all of his YT content private.  Guessing because of the backlash.  Otherwise I could have posted a message there.   If you know him, you could always invite him to join us.   


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