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Check out this YouTube channel: Electronics for the Inquisitive Experimenter


Hey folks!
I just wanted to let you all know about my YouTube Channel: Electronics for the Inquisitive Experimenter.
I have videos on

* VNAs and VNA basics
* How to Tune a Duplexer
* How to Tune a Hybrid-Ring Duplexer
* Duplexer Basics
* How to use an Antenna Analyzer
* How to use an Oscilloscope... and much more.
I add new videos regularly.
Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmngLyGByObIwpY1pAObhAg/videos

Hope you find them helpful.  8)

I find the common mode analysis to be interesting topics. I was also looking at buying a tuner and that video seems interesting.

I think it looks like a great RF channel.

I found your channel by accident and watched last night some of your videos (and subscribed as well).

Your approach to go systematically thru the topics is helpful for RF-starters as me but I think that your „intros“ are
sometimes a bit to long (I began with Smith charts since I got a VNA/SSA from Santa Claus).

I will try to catch up with all of your videos during the next weeks. For me everything will be helpful that leads me from LF to RF electronics.

So thanks for your efforts!


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