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Connect to Samsung Gear BLE profile?



I got this Gear Fit watch from a local electronics store.

Unfortunately, it seems not to work with my smartphone Motorola Moto G.
Before returning the watch, I wanted to see if it could be an option to connect to the watch with my PC?

A simple dump of the services UUID gives:

Found device with local name: Gear Fit (A3CD)
{ localName: 'Gear Fit (A3CD)',
  txPowerLevel: undefined,
  manufacturerData: <Buffer 00 75 01 00 02 00 02 01 03 77 6d 73 00>,
  serviceData: [],
  serviceUuids: [] }
advertising the following service uuid's:

advertising the following service uuid's: {"id":"080775cfd4eb41cf8f1990673dd37b40","address":"08:ec:a9:c4:a3:cd","addressType":"unknown","advertisement":{"localName":"Gear Fit (A3CD)","manufacturerData":{"type":"Buffer","data":[0,117,1,0,2,0,2,1,3,119,109,115,0]},"serviceData":[],"serviceUuids":[]},"rssi":-38,"state":"disconnected"}

How could I explore/claim/connect to that device? Any chance of reverse engineering the protocol to create some kind of open-source connection manager?

Thanks a lot!


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