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cuba and ham

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--- Quote from: Lord of nothing on August 20, 2021, 05:07:00 pm ---Or better call the NSA, CIA, DEA,... Office who lead the IS, Taliban Groups.

--- End quote ---

good idea

now if I could rember where I put that darn phone number...

Lord of nothing:
 ;D Dont worry the have all your Private Data include your Phone Number.  :-DD
Just pick up your Phone and say you want talk with an NSA, CIA,... Officer.

The cuban numbers stations broadcast a coded message of some kind after the numbers. Its a very strong signal wise on the US east coast, strong enough to splatter like crazy.. This is a screnshot of the waterfall image of this encoded section. Does anybody know what we're looking at here? As I said its very strong.

Been watching this for a while and as a Ham I have a comment.
Con them into talking.
If you suspect jamming to ham bands don't ignore them, a lot of jammers do so because they feel left out. Also a comment that you can hear their jamming is the only confirmation they can get that their RF experiments are successful and they are making the trip.
Call them in and let then let them in on QSOs. Then use it as a chance to to provide evidence of what is really going on in the world and what is wrong with their systems. Should be easy. Let them know how good things are at your Q.D.H.
See if they go QRT or are put off air then.

14.377 is off the 20m ham band..
Cuba number station:


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