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Determine antenna frequency?

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Yeah, i was just thinking about the sig. gen.  My AWG is max 60Mhz. So thats not gonna work.  And my SA (MDO3000) doesn't have the TG.

Anyway, thanks for the "instructions" I put it on my to-do-wanna-do list :)

As with many of these things, the frequencies go up, so does the price!  |O

Here's a cheap solution: http://seeedstudio.com/RF-Explorer-Signal-Generator-(RFE6GEN)-p-2074.html

I don't know if you've used it but the page says:

--- Quote ---Further more, the unit can work as a powerful Tracking Generator when used with RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer connected to the same PC, offering full Scalar Network Analyzer (SNA) capabilities. The SNA feature allows full characterization of filters, amplifiers and any 2-port RF device.
--- End quote ---

Might be a good cheap stand in till you can get some better gear - Though there may actually be older HP stuff available on Ebay that would cost around the same but have beteer specs, use 10 times the power and weight 100 times more :)


You can use a noise source instead of a tracking generator. This give a general idea using an RTL SDR as a spectrum analizer.

I actually have both the RFE generator and the 6G spectrum analyzer, frankly a good bit of kit for the price, tracking works great if you've got a bit of time. Has its limitations of course, but is incredibly handy. I've also got an HP8593A, but given that I'm travelling a lot and spend more than half of the year away from "home" where the 15kg beast is is the cheap kit gets a lot more use...


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